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Yoga classes in the Southern Suburbs

drawing of yoga posture

Small Hatha Yoga and Relaxation Classes and Private Tuition with Marjolein Gamble.

Yoga and Relaxation offers small Yoga classes in a home studio environment with flow to a garden-setting, mornings and evenings, in Harfield Village in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

The classes include a good yoga workout, with a wide variety of postures, and are concluded with relaxation and Pranayama (breathing exercises) at the end of the class. Altogether it's a comprehensive yoga practice leading to increased flexibility, strength and well-being.

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What Yoga can do for you

Yoga is a method of enhancing the individuals' unique movement potential.
In our day to day lives we are usually unaware of how we function; mentally and physically, our focus is mainly externally oriented. This leads to fragmentation; we don't move with awareness and are unaware of our basic posture and alignment. The key to the Yoga process is that it interiorizes our attention, moving it from a predominantly outward orientation inward. This brings with it a growing awareness of how the body moves and Yoga becomes a study in movement potential rather than a prescribed attainment of a perfect pose.
Through conscious movement we learn to move our bodies more efficiently and harmoniously over time. In this way we can change habitual patterns at a neuromuscular level and develop new patterns of movement that decrease physical stress and promote skeletal alignment, mechanical freedom and an increasing ease of movement.

Practicing Yoga

Yoga practice creates inner, psychological space (experienced as openness or a positive sense of detachment) and a sense of well-being. Physically this translates into strength, equilibrium, joint mobility, suppleness and the ability to center the body, to align and create postural awareness.
Yoga is in the first instance “experiential”. For some Yoga is a dedicated path, for others a weekly space, where you can both challenge yourself and recharge, literally coming home to one-self.
Ultimately Yoga is the first step to Mediation. Yoga is the preparation for Mediation and as such it involves reflection: a being in the present moment with awareness, an integration of the “being” dimension (awareness) with the “doing” of the Yoga movements (asanas). This allows for a growing into and refining of the postures over time. However this is not the end but a means to a greater sense of Self, a growing inner awareness and dimension often termed self-realization.
There is an extensive background literature on Yoga which has endured for many centuries and its spiritual-psychological dimension is particularly appealing to modern man. In the classes my focus is on the experiential aspect and not on the many scriptures. Anybody who wants to explore the depth of background will be guided to the relevant literature, CD's and Magazines to enrich their understanding. It is a lifetime study!

Bringing mind and body together

Yoga, in its widest sense, is the experience of fundamental unity, a sense of union with the divine or unity with our inner (true) nature. The main objective of Yoga is to bring body and mind together, integrating them into a state of “oneness” or union, bringing about an enhanced state of awareness. This involves being attentive to the breath, energies and other sensations of the body as well as fluctuations of the mind. (Mind here includes emotions and feelings as well as thoughts and perceptions).
By learning to accept and observe (or witness) these fluctuations of mind and body, when we engage the body in a wide variety of postures (asanas), we grow into the body and take hold of it with greater control and ability. This increases with practice as we move through the different sequences and postures, and over time we gain physical strength and flexibility as well as learning the art of “witnessing”.

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